Could Cryptocurrency Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry?

Could Cryptocurrency Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry?

We are living in an age of disruption like never before. Almost overnight, entire industries are being replaced by newer, cheaper and more convenient ways to do business.

Airbnb changed the way we vacation and Uber changed the way we get from A to B, it is therefore imperative that every industry and company must be open minded to finding ways to improve and adapt new methods of operations

Our real estate industry could likely be on the verge of a similar wave, a faster, more convenient and infinitely more secure way to transfer property ownership from one individual or business to another.

Could Cryptocurrency Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry?

Cryptocurrency and block chain are beginning to enter the real estate market, although this is not eradicating the traditional way of going about real estate transactions it is creating more option for a broader range of prospects and investors.

With the Central Bank of Nigeria’s recent announcement to launch a Crypto-currency (e-Naira digital currency), we can see that the trend of Crypto-currency is beginning to gain wide acceptance even within developing countries.

What are the advantages of cryptocurrency? It’s easy to move money across international borders, crypto transactions are completed in a matter of minutes, unlike the days it takes for banks to authenticate cheques and larger transactions especially across different countries and time zones

Do you think Crypto Currency would gain wide acceptance in the real estate industry in Nigeria?

As a company we are open minded and we will continue to find more efficient ways of serving our clients and also evolve to ensure that we provide the best services to all our customers.

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