Introducing the ATCO Homes BuyBack Offer

Your Gateway to Secure Land Investment!

Unlock an exclusive opportunity to invest in prime estate land with ATCO Homes’ BuyBack Offer. Subscribers are invited to acquire specific square meters within our prestigious estates, ensuring a solid investment for the future.

Here's How it Works


Complete the "Terms of Offer" document, demonstrating your commitment to this exceptional opportunity.


Submit your payment and receive a contract of sale for the designated square meters, along with a postdated cheque serving as a guarantee for your investment.


Over the course of twelve months, ATCO Homes commits to repurchasing the land, returning your initial deposit along with an impressive 30% interest.


For those opting for a 24-month tenure, the benefits multiply. ATCO Homes repurchases the land and offers an extraordinary 60% interest on the initial cost.

With ATCO Homes’ BuyBack Offer, you can trust in a secure and lucrative land investment. Seize this official opportunity today and watch your investment grow.

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