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Welcome to Atco Homes

ATCO Homes has helped enhance commercial real estate market. With our integrated service lines of brokerage, property management, construction and investments, our team of professionals deliver start-to-finish results to our tenants, owners and investors. As one, we are TIGHT and we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class service and support to our customers, our communities and the people who power them.

Residential Development for Nigeria

2023 - 2024

To achieve the above, we pride ourselves on these guiding principles:

Our Vision

We strive to reverse the unjust and unrealistic pricing of housing in Nigeria as we provide affordable premium homes

Our Mission

We exist to make home and land ownership and investment dreams a reality for all

Our Values

- Commitment to Excellence
- Integrity
- Transparency
- Optimism

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Bartholomew Egbochie

Chief Executive Officer

Elo Agwa


Timidideke Koroye

Compliance Officer

Eze Paul Ogbonanya

Project Manager

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